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Here are a few photos from the Durango Highway and San Blas.  The photos were taken by my friends Bob Lewis (BL), John Dicus (JD), Jerry Johnson (JJ), Benito Hernandez (BH), Ron Mallory (RM), and Len Blumin (LB).

Stripe-headed sparrow (LB)

301V8765 Golden-cheeked Woodpecker by BobLewis.

Golden-cheeked woodpecker (BL) 

Mexican Woodnymph (RM)

Phocides urania (LB)  

Mangrove Cuckoo (JJ) 

Mountain Trogon (JJ)   

Sinaloa Crow (BL)

Rufous-necked Wood-rail (JJ) 

American Crocodile (JJ)

Northern Potoo (JJ)








Red Warbler (JD)  

Purple Gallinule (JJ)

Rusty-crowned Ground-sparrow (BH)   

Snail Kite (JJ)

White-collared Seedeater (JJ)

Common Pauraque (JJ) 

Heermann's Gulls (JJ) 

Spotted Wren (JJ)

White-striped Woodcreeper (JJ) 

Streak-backed Oriole (JJ)  

Rose-throated Becard (JJ)

Citreoline Trogon (JJ)  

Mexican Silverspot (JJ)

IMG_2091 Tufted Flycatcher by BobLewis.

Tufted flycatcher (BL)  

White-eared Hummingbird

301V8561 Pale-billed Woodpecker by BobLewis.

Pale-billed woodpecker (BL) 

Lesser Nighthawk (BL)

Hooded Oriole (JJ)  

La Tovara Sunset (JJ)

White-throated flycatcher (JJ)  

Lineated Woodpecker (JJ)  

Happy Wren (JJ)  

Dirce Beauty (JJ)

Rufous-capped Warbler (JJ)

Blue Mockingbird (JJ)  

Mexican Parrotlet (RM)

Black-throated Magpie-jay (JJ)  

Heliconius Erato (JJ)

Ivory-billed Woodcreeper (JJ)

301V8460 Bare-throated Tiger-Heron by BobLewis.

Bare-throated tiger-heron (BL)  

Black-capped Vireo (JJ)

Mottled owl (BL)

Spiny-tailed iguana (BL)  

Rufous-bellied Chachalaca (JJ)


Last updated: July 09, 2016.