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Among the 350+ species of birds seen on Durango Highway / San Blas trips in the past are the following.  As always, some are common, some not so common, and some rare and difficult to find; 

Least grebe

Blue-footed booby

Neotropic cormorant

Magnificent frigatebird


Reddish egret

Tricolored heron

Boat-billed heron

Bare-throated tiger heron

White ibis

Roseate spoonbill

Wood stork

Black-bellied whistling duck

Fulvous whistling duck

Muscovy duck


Snail kite

Double-toothed kite

Common black hawk

Great black hawk

Gray hawk

Short-tailed hawk

White-tailed hawk

Harris' hawk

Zone-tailed hawk

Black hawk-eagle

Bat falcon

Crested caracara

Laughing falcon

Collared forest falcon

Peregrine falcon

Elegant quail

Purple gallinule

Common gallinule

Rufous-necked wood-rail


Rufous-bellied chachalaca

Stilt sandpiper

Northern jacana

American oystercatcher

Wilson's plover

Black skimmer

Red-billed pigeon

White-tipped dove

Ruddy ground dove

Military macaw

White-fronted parrot

Lilac-crowned parrot

Blue-rumped parrotlet

Orange-fronted parakeet

Squirrel cuckoo

Mangrove cuckoo

Groove-billed ani

Lesser roadrunner

Mottled owl

Vermiculated screech owl

Colima pygmy owl

Ferruginous pygmy owl

Stygian owl

Flammulated owl

Northern potoo

White-naped swift

Chestnut-collared swift

Cinnamon hummingbird

White-eared hummingbird

Berylline hummingbird

Golden-crowned emerald

Mexican woodnymph

Bumblebee hummingbird

Sparkling-tailed woodstar

Plain-capped starthroat

Mountain trogon

Elegant trogon

Citreoline trogon

Eared quetzal

Russet-crowned motmot

Green kingfisher

Ringed kingfisher

Golden-cheeked woodpecker

Gray-crowned woodpecker

Lineated woodpecker

Pale-billed woodpecker

Ivory-billed woodcreeper

White-striped woodcreeper

Olivaceous woodcreeper

Rose-throated becard

Gray-collared becard

Masked tityra

Greenish elaenia

Least flycatcher

Pine flycatcher

White-throated flycatcher

Buff-breasted flycatcher

Nutting’s flycatcher

Brown-crested flycatcher

Tufted flycatcher

Bright-rumped attila

Tropical kingbird

Thick-billed kingbird

Social flycatcher

Great kiskadee

Boat-billed flycatcher

Mangrove swallow

San Blas jay

Purplish-backed jay

Tufted jay

Black-throated magpie jay

Green jay

Sinaloa crow

Mexican chickadee

Happy wren

Sinaloa wren

Spotted wren

Blue mockingbird

Brown-backed solitaire

Orange-billed nightingale thrush

Russet nightingale thrush

White-throated robin

Rufous-backed robin

Aztec thrush

Gray silky flycatcher

Golden vireo

Black-capped vireo

Mangrove vireo

Tropical parula

Crescent-chested warbler

Red-faced warbler

Slate-throated redstart

Painted redstart

Red warbler

Fan-tailed warbler

Black and white warbler

Hooded warbler

Golden-browed warbler

Rufous-capped warbler

Golden-crowned warbler

Red-breasted chat

Yellow-winged cacique

Streak-backed oriole

Orchard oriole

Black-vented oriole

Baltimore oriole

Audubon's oriole

Flame-colored tanager

Red-headed tanager

Red-crowned ant-tanager

Rosy thrush tanager

Five-striped sparrow

Stripe-headed sparrow

Rusty-crowned ground sparrow

Rufous-capped brushfinch

Green-striped brushfinch

Blue-black grassquit

White-collared seedeater

Ruddy-breasted seedeater

Rose-breasted grosbeak

Yellow grosbeak

Grayish saltator

Blue bunting

Painted bunting

Indigo bunting

Blue-hooded euphonia

Scrub euphonia

Black-headed siskin

Last updated: January 26, 2016.