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On past trips to Oaxaca, we've seen a cumulative total of about 400 species, including the following.  As always, some are common, some not so common, and some rare and/or difficult to find.  This list covers the areas visited on our main route - the Oaxaca Valley, the adjacent mountains, and the Pacific slope and coast -  with an additional section for some of 70-90 species that can be found on the Gulf Slope extension.

Common loon

Least grebe

Red-billed tropicbird

Brown booby

Neotropic cormorant

Magnificent frigatebird


Reddish egret

Tricolored heron

Boat-billed heron

Bare-throated tiger-heron

Least bittern

White ibis

White-faced ibis

Roseate spoonbill

Wood stork


White-tailed kite

Double-toothed kite

Common black hawk

Great black hawk

Gray hawk

Roadside hawk

Broad-winged hawk

White-tailed hawk

Short-tailed hawk

Zone-tailed hawk

Crane hawk

Crested caracara

Laughing falcon

Aplomado falcon

Bat falcon

Black-bellied whistling-duck

Wood duck

Muscovy duck


Lesser scaup

Ring-necked duck

Red-breasted merganser

West Mexican chachalaca

Long-tailed wood-partridge

Montezuma quail

Rufous-naped (Gray-necked) wood-rail

Collared plover

Wilson's plover

Snowy plover

Pink-footed shearwater

Royal tern

Sandwich tern

Caspian tern

Elegant tern

Gull-billed tern

Black tern

Red-billed pigeon

Band-tailed pigeon

White-tipped dove

Ruddy ground dove

Yellow-headed parrot

White-fronted parrot

Orange-fronted parakeet

Mangrove cuckoo

Squirrel cuckoo

Lesser ground-cuckoo

Groove-billed ani

Lesser roadrunner

Colima pygmy-owl

Mountain pygmy-owl

Ferruginous pygmy-owl

Burrowing owl

Mottled owl

Chestnut-collared swift

White-collared swift

Mexican hermit

Mexican violet-ear

Golden-crowned emerald

Sparkling-tailed woodstar

Dusky hummingbird

Cinnamon hummingbird

White-eared hummingbird

Berylline hummingbird

Green-fronted hummingbird

Blue-capped hummingbird

Bumblebee hummingbird

Amethyst-throated hummingbird

Garnet-throated hummingbird

Ruby-throated hummingbird

Plain-capped starthroat

Long-billed starthroat

Mountain trogon

Citreoline trogon

Elegant trogon

Collared trogon

Russet-crowned motmot

Amazon kingfisher

Green kingfisher

Ringed kingfisher

Northern emerald toucanet

Golden-cheeked woodpecker

Gray-breasted woodpecker

Gray-crowned woodpecker

Lineated woodpecker

Pale-billed woodpecker

Ivory-billed woodcreeper

Spot-crowned woodcreeper

Olivaceous woodcreeper

White-striped woodcreeper

Rose-throated becard

Gray-collared becard

Masked tityra

Northern beardless tyrannulet

Greenish elaenia

Eye-ringed flatbill

Least flycatcher

Pine flycatcher

Willow flycatcher

Gray flycatcher

Hammond's flycatcher

Pacific-slope flycatcher

Cordilleran flycatcher

Pileated flycatcher

Nutting’s flycatcher

Flammulated flycatcher

Tufted flycatcher

Bright-rumped attila

Tropical kingbird

Thick-billed kingbird

Scissor-tailed flycatcher

Social flycatcher

Great kiskadee

Boat-billed flycatcher

Golden vireo

Slaty vireo

Dwarf vireo

Mangrove vireo

Blue-headed vireo

White-eyed Vireo

Chestnut-sided shrike-vireo

Mangrove swallow

Gray-breasted martin

White-throated magpie jay

Green jay

Dwarf jay

Mexican chickadee

Rufous-naped wren

Boucard's wren

Gray-barred wren

Banded wren

Happy wren

Gray-breasted wood-wren

White-lored gnatcatcher

Blue mockingbird

Ocellated thrasher

Brown-backed solitaire

Russet nightingale-thrush

White-throated thrush

Rufous-backed robin

Aztec thrush

Gray catbird

Gray silky flycatcher

Tennessee warbler

Crescent-chested warbler

Hooded yellowthroat

Painted redstart

Slate-throated redstart

Red warbler

Red-faced warbler

Fan-tailed warbler

Black-and-white warbler

Golden-browed warbler

Rufous-capped warbler

Golden-crowned warbler

Red-breasted chat

Yellow-winged cacique

Streak-backed oriole

Black-backed oriole

Altamira oriole

Audubon's oriole

Black-vented oriole

Spot-breasted oriole

Scott's oriole

Melodious blackbird

Red-headed tanager

Flame-colored tanager

Hepatic tanager

Grayish saltator

Black-headed saltator

Orange-breasted bunting

Painted bunting

Blue bunting

Indigo bunting

Blue-gray Tanager

Blue-black grassquit

Ruddy-breasted seedeater

White-collared seedeater

Cinnamon-bellied flowerpiercer

Bridled sparrow

Oaxaca sparrow

Clay-colored sparrow

Grasshopper sparrow

Botteri's sparrow

Rusty sparrow

Rufous-capped brushfinch

Chestnut-capped brushfinch

Olive sparrow

Collared towhee

White-throated towhee

Common chlorospingus

Black-headed siskin

Evening grosbeak

Scrub euphonia

Elegant euphonia

Species found on the Gulf Slope 

Ornate hawk-eagle 

Black hawk-eagle

Plain chachalaca

Short-billed pigeon

Blue ground-dove

White-faced quail-dove

Red-lored parrot

White-crowned parrot

Brown-hooded parrot

Olive-throated parakeet

Stripe-throated hermit

Stripe-tailed hummingbird

Rufous-tailed hummingbird

Azure-crowned hummingbird

White-bellied emerald

Wedge-tailed sabrewing

Canivet's emerald

Collared aracari

Keel-billed toucan 

Lesson's motmot

Golden-olive woodpecker

Golden-fronted woodpecker

Black-cheeked woodpecker

Smoky-brown woodpecker

Rufous-breasted spinetail

Buff-throated foliage gleaner

Olivaceous woodcreeper

Plain xenops

Barred antshrike

Dot-winged antwren

Yellow-bellied elaenia

Yellow-bellied tyrannulet

Yellow-olive flycatcher

Ochre-bellied flycatcher

Northern bentbill

White-collared manakin

Lesser greenlet

White-eyed vireo

Green shrike-vireo

Brown jay

Unicolored jay

Azure-hooded jay

Spot-breasted wren

White-breasted wood-wren

Sumichrast's wren

Band-backed wren

Slate-colored solitaire

Yellow-winged tanager

Blue-gray tanager

Crimson-collared tanager

Black-throated shrike-tanager

Buff-throated saltator

White-winged tanager

Red-throated ant-tanager

Kentucky warbler

Worm-eating warbler

Golden-winged warbler

Golden-crowned warbler

Blue-black grosbeak

Black-faced grosbeak

Thick-billed seedfinch

Orange-billed sparrow

Black-cowled oriole

Yellow-billed cacique

Melodious blackbird

Chestnut-headed oropendula

Montezuma oropendula

Yellow-throated euphonia

Olive-backed euphonia

Blue-naped chlorophonia


Last updated: January 18, 2018.