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These gorgeous photos from Costa Rica were taken my good friends and talented photographers Elizabeth Lauer (EL), Jerry Johnson (JJ), Neil Bachman (NB), Michele Weisz (MW), Judy O'Brien (JO), Dwayne Longenbaugh (DL), and Misty Vaughn (MV).  They are a small sample of the wonders that await you in this spectacular country.


Green-breasted Mango (JJ) 

Spotted Wood-quail (NB)

Orange-collared Manakin (EL)  

Scarlet Macaw (JJ)  

Ghost Bat (DL)

Baird's Trogon (NB)

Long-tailed Silky-flycatcher (JJ)  

Golden-hooded Tanager (NB) 

Emerald Basilisk (NB)

Green Thorntail (JJ)  

Rufous Mourner (MW)

Passiflora vitifolia (MW) 

Black-and-yellow Silky-flycatcher (JO)

White-throated Capuchin (JJ)

Turquiose-browed Motmot (JJ)  

Plain-breasted Ground-dove (NB)  

Common Basilisk (JO)

Gray-breasted Wood-wren (NB)

Bicolored Antbird (NB)  

Black-billed Nightingale-thrush (MW)

Brown-hooded Parrot (JJ)  

Snowcap (JJ)

Variegated Squirrel (JJ) 

Chestnut-backed Antbird (NB)

Mountain Elaenia (EL) 

Long-billed Hermit (NB)

Long-nosed Bats (EL)

Passerini's Tanager (EL)  

Streak-headed Woodcreeper (NB)

Spangle-cheeked Tanager (EL)  

Great Tinamou (JJ)  

Sulphur-winged Parakeet (JO)

Green Hermit (JJ)

Red-billed Pigeon (JJ)  

Stripe-headed Sparrow (JJ)

Yellow-thighed Finch (EL) 

Acorn Woodpecker (JJ)  

Montezuma Oropendula (JJ)

American Crocodiles (JJ)  

Fiery-billed Aracari (JJ)  

Black-striped Sparrow (MW) 

Northern Emerald Toucanet (MW)

Bicolored hawk (JJ)

Gray-headed Chachalaca (JJ)

Mourning Warbler (EL)  

Buff-rumped Warbler (MW)

Crowned Woodnymph (EL) 

Dark Pewee (MW)

Silver-throated Tanager (JJ)  

Mantled Howler Monkey (MV)

Sooty Robin (JJ)

Flame-colored Tanager (EL)

Yellowish Flycatcher (EL)

White-whiskered Puffbird (EL) 

White-throated Mountain-gem (EL) 

Slaty Flowerpiercer (EL)

Black-hooded Antshrike (EL)


Last updated: March 30, 2018.