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Here are some of my favorite photos among the many beautiful shots from Northern Colombia taken by Jerry Johnson (JJ), Liza and Robert Weissler (LRW), Misty Vaughn (MV), Vicki Gutgesell (VG), Barry Ulman (BU), Brian Lewis (BL), Bill Hobbie (BH), Mac Walter (MW), Wendy Naruo (WN), Matt Bruce (MB), Michele Weiss (MW), and Karen Blumenthal (KB).

Green-rumped Parrotlet (MV)

Gray-throated Leaftosser (MV)  

Groove-billed Toucanet (WN)  

Passiflora sp. (WN)

Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl (JJ)  

Brown-throated Parakeet (WN)











Stripe-backed Wren (JJ) 

Red-tailed Squirrel (VG) 

Sparkling Violetear (WN)  

Bay-headed Tanager, race toddi (WN)  

Santa Marta Mountain-Tanager (WN)

Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the highest point in the country.  (LRW)  

Carib Grackle (WN)

Steely-vented Hummingbird (LRW)  

Santa Marta Antpitta (WN)

Santa Marta Brush-Finch (JJ)  

Black-Fronted Wood-Quail (VG)

Rhinoceros Beetle (JJ)  

Ruby Topaz (MV)

Golden-winged Sparrow (MV) 

Marpesia sp. (WN)

Glaucous Tanager (JJ) 

Harlequin Beetle - Acrocinus longimanus (MW)

Santa Marta Woodstar (MV)

Russet-throated Puffbird (JJ)  

Crowned Woodnymph (MV)  

Black-capped Tanager (MV)  

Owl Butterfly (WN)

El Dorado Lodge (KB) 

Lazuline Sabrewing (MB)

Spot-breasted Woodpecker (JJ) 

White-cheeked Pintail (MV)  

The view from the Hotel Minca porch (WN)

Sooty Grassquit (WN)

Venezuelan Red Howler Monkey (MV) 

Collared Plover (JJ)

White-vented Plumeleteer (JJ) 

Lance-tailed Manakin (WN)


American Flamingo (BU)  

Tent-making Bat - Uroderma bilobatum (WN)

Pale-bellied Hermit (BU)

Striped Cuckoo (JJ)

Crab-eating Fox (MW)

Rufous-capped Warbler (JJ)  

Sierra Nevada Brush-Finch (VG)  

Anolis paravertebralis, endemic to the Santa Marta (WN)  

White-fringed Antwren (WN)

Orinocan Saltator (WN)

Blue-naped Chlorophonia (JJ) 

Frog in bromeliad at El Dorado (JJ)  

Black-headed Tanager (WN)

White-tailed Starfrontlet Male (MV)

White-tailed Starfrontlet Female (JJ) 

Northern Tamandua (MV)

White-whiskered Spinetail (MV)  

Swallow Tanager (MV) 

Yellow-headed Caracara (WN)

Gray-capped Cuckoo (WN)

Rufous-breasted Hermit (JJ) 

"Cateye" Metalmark (JJ)

Black-chested Jay (JJ)

Large-billed Tern (JJ) 

Band-tailed Guan (BL) 

Bare-eyed Pigeon (JJ)

Bicolored Wren (JJ)  

Moustached Puffbird (BH)  

Rufous-tailed Hummingbird (WN)

Pileated Finch (JJ) 

Tyrian Metaltail (JJ)  

El Dorado Sunset (WN)

Rufous-browed Peppershrike (JJ)   

Orange- crowned Oriole (WN)

Crested Caracara (JJ)


Last updated: March 25, 2018.