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Among the 375+ species of birds seen in Northern Colombia along our route in June, the following have been recorded on past trips.  As always, some are common, some not so common, and some rare and difficult to find.

Little tinamou

Northern screamer

Black-bellied whistling-duck

Fulvous whistling-duck

White-faced whistling-duck

White-cheeked pintail

Rufous-vented chachalaca

Chestnut-winged chachalaca

Band-tailed guan

Crested guan

Sickle-winged guan

Crested Bobwhite

Black-fronted wood-quail

American flamingo

Wood stork

White ibis

Scarlet ibis

Green ibis

Bare-faced ibis

Lesser yellow-headed vulture

King vulture

Pearl kite

Double-toothed kite

Snail Kite

Gray-headed kite

Hook-billed kite

Plumbeous kite

Crane hawk

Harris' hawk

Black-collared hawk

White-rumped hawk

Gray-lined hawk

Zone-tailed hawk

Long-winged harrier

Common black-hawk

Great black-hawk

Black hawk eagle

Ornate hawk eagle

Black-and-chestnut eagle

Laughing falcon

Bat falcon

Yellow-headed caracara

White-throated crake - H

Gray-necked wood-rail

Wattled jacana

Double-striped thick-knee

Large-billed tern

Yellow-billed tern

Pale-vented pigeon

Bare-eyed pigeon

Scaled pigeon

Band-tailed pigeon

Blue ground dove

Ruddy ground dove

Scaled dove

White-tipped dove

Lined quail-dove

Orange-chinned parakeet

Brown-throated parakeet

Blue-crowned parakeet

Scarlet-fronted parakeet

Green-rumped parrotlet

Santa Marta parakeet

Blue-headed parrot

Red-billed parrot

Orange-winged parrot

Scaly-naped parrot

Dwarf cuckoo

Gray-capped cuckoo

Squirrel cuckoo

Striped cuckoo

Groove-billed ani

Smooth-billed ani

Greater ani

Black-and-white owl

Santa Marta screech-owl

Ferruginous pygmy-owl

Stygian owl

White-collared swift

Chestnut-collared swift

Lesser swallow-tailed swift

Stripe-throated hermit

Long-billed hermit

Rufous-breasted hermit

Pale-bellied hermit

White-necked jacobin

Black-throated mango

Santa Marta blossomcrown

White-tailed starfrontlet

Santa Marta woodstar

Steely-vented hummingbird

Ruby topaz

Violet-crowned woodnymph

Lazuline sabrewing

Mountain velvetbreast

Violet-bellied hummingbird

Rufous-tailed hummingbird

Buffy hummingbird

Brown violetear

Green violetear

Sparkling violetear

White-vented plumeleteer

Sapphire-throated hummingbird

White-chinned sapphire

Coppery emerald

Red-billed emerald

Masked trogon

Gartered (Violaceous) trogon

White-tipped quetzal

Whooping motmot

Ringed kingfisher

Amazon kingfisher

Green kingfisher

Russet-throated puffbird

Moustached puffbird

Rufous-tailed jacamar

Collared aracari

Keel-billed toucan

Southern emerald toucanet

Groove-billed toucanet

Scaled piculet

Chestnut piculet

Red-crowned woodpecker

Golden-olive woodpecker

Spot-breasted woodpecker

Golden-green woodpecker

Crimson-crested woodpecker

Lineated woodpecker

Gray-throated leaftosser

Plain xenops

Plain-brown woodcreeper

Black-banded woodcreeper

Cocoa woodcreeper

Strong-billed woodcreeper

Streak-headed woodcreeper

Straight-billed woodcreeper

Montane woodcreeper

Spotted barbtail

Pale-legged hornero

Pale-breasted spinetail

Rusty-headed spinetail

White-whiskered spinetail

Streak-capped spinetail

Yellow-chinned spinetail

Flammulated treehunter

Montane foliage-gleaner

Santa Marta foliage-gleaner

Barred antshrike

Black-crested antshrike

Black-crowned (Western slaty) antshrike

Slaty antwren

White-fringed antwren

White-bellied antbird

Santa Marta antbird

Santa Marta antpitta

Rufous antpitta

Rusty-breasted antpitta 

Santa Marta tapaculo

Brown-rumped tapaculo

Brown-capped tyrannulet

Southern beardless tyrannulet

White-throated tyrannulet

Yellow-crowned tyrannulet

Sooty-headed tyrannulet

Black-capped tyrannulet

Forest elaenia

Greenish elaenia

Mountain elaenia

Yellow-bellied elaenia

Lesser elaenia 

Venezuelan Tyrannulet

Olive-striped flycatcher

Ochre-bellied flycatcher

Golden-faced tyrannulet

Northern scrub-flycatcher

Slender billed tyrannulet

Pale-eyed pygmy-tyrant

Black-throated tody-tyrant

Southern bentbill

Pearly-vented tody-tyrant

Common tody-flycatcher

Black-headed tody-flycatcher

Yellow-olive flycatcher

Yellow-breasted flycatcher

Cinnamon flycatcher

Sepia-capped flycatcher

White-throated spadebill

Olivaceous flatbill

Ruddy-tailed flycatcher

Fuscous flycatcher

Bran-colored flycatcher

White-headed marsh-tyrant

Pied water-tyrant

Tropical pewee

Santa Marta bush-tyrant

Streak-throated bush-tyrant

Cattle tyrant

Bright-rumped attila

Brown-crested flycatcher

Panama flycatcher

Great kiskadee

Lesser kiskadee

Boat-billed flycatcher

Social flycatcher

Rusty-margined flycatcher

Golden-crowned flycatcher

Piratic flycatcher

Streaked flycatcher

Crowned slaty flycatcher

Tropical kingbird

Gray kingbird

Fork-tailed flycatcher

Masked tityra

Golden-breasted fruiteater

White-bearded manakin

Lance-tailed manakin

Cinnamon becard

Cinereous becard

White-winged becard

One-colored becard

Brown-capped vireo

Red-eyed vireo

Scrub greenlet

Golden-fronted greenlet

Black-chested jay

Gray-breasted martin

Brown-chested martin

Southern rough-winged swallow

Blue-and-white swallow

White-winged swallow

Stripe-backed wren

Bicolored wren

Rufous-breasted wren

Rufous-and-white wren

Buff-breasted wren

Gray-breasted wood-wren

Hermit wood-wren

Tropical gnatcatcher

Orange-billed nightingale-thrush

Slaty-backed nightingale-thrush

Clay-colored thrush

Pale-breasted thrush

White-throated thrush

Yellow-legged thrush

Black-hooded thrush

Tropical mockingbird

Slate-throated whitestart

Yellow-crowned whitestart

Rufous-capped warbler

Golden-crowned warbler

White-lored warbler

Santa Marta warbler



Black-headed tanager

Bay-headed tanager

Black-capped tanager

Santa Marta mountain-tanager

Gray-headed tanager

White-shouldered tanager

White-lined tanager

Crimson-backed tanager

Blue-gray tanager

Palm tanager

Glaucous tanager

Swallow tanager

Blue dacnis

Red-legged honeycreeper

White-sided flowerpiercer

Rusty flowerpiercer

Blue-black grassquit

Gray seedeater

Yellow-bellied seedeater

Lesson's seedeater

Black-faced grassquit

Santa Marta Brushfinch

Sierra Nevada Brushfinch

Golden-winged sparrow

Black-striped sparrow

Tocuyo sparrow

Rosy-thrush tanager

Buff-throated saltator

Streaked saltator

Orinocan saltator

Golden-bellied grosbeak

Blue-black grosbeak

Giant cowbird

Yellow oriole

Yellow-backed oriole

Yellow-tailed oriole

Orange-crowned oriole

Carib grackle

Yellow-hooded blackbird

Crested oropendula

Trinidad euphonia

Thick-billed euphonia

Blue-naped chlorophonia



Last updated: January 18, 2018.