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There's a lot of "eye candy" in Central Colombia.  These photos were taken by Lisa and Li Li (LL).  They're a small sample of the wonders that await you in this scenic and diverse country.

Emerald Toucanet (LL)

Spectacled Parrotlet (LL)

Andean Emerald  (LL)

Pseudoxycheila bipustulata, a striking Andean Carabid  (LL)

Birding lodges throughout the Andes are famous for their delicious soups  (LL)

Streaked Xenops  (LL)

Colombian Chachalaca  (LL)

Elleanthus sp. (LL)

Crowned Woodnymph  (LL)

Andean Motmot  (LL)   

Las Tangaras Reserve  (LL)

Acorn Woodpecker is at its southern limit, along with oaks, in Central Colombia  (LL)

Empress Brilliant (LL)

Black-and-Gold Tanager  (LL)

Sobralia sp.  (LL)

Gray-breasted Wood-Wren  (LL)

Black Solitaire  (LL)

Bronze-olive Pygmy-tyrant  (LL)

Rufous-throated Tanager  (LL)

Greenish Puffleg  (LL)

Purple-throated Woodstar  (LL)

Orange-breasted Fruiteater  (LL)

Jardin Town Square  (LL)

Golden-fronted Whitestart  (LL)

Black-capped Hemispingus  (LL)

Lacrimose Mountain-tanager  (LL)

Flame-rumped Tanager  (LL)


Last updated: September 09, 2017.