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Central Colombia is a very rich area biologically, and over 400 species are possible along our route.  This list includes species seen on past trips.  As usual, some are common, some less common, and some quite rare.  I have not included some species that are widespread and fairly common throughout the neotropics.

Andean Teal
Andean Guan
Cauca Guan
Sickle-winged Guan
Chestnut Wood-quail
Band-tailed Pigeon
Ruddy Pigeon
Plumbeous Pigeon
Eared Dove
White-throated Quail-dove
Band-winged Nightjar  
Common Potoo
White-collared Swift
Chestnut-collared Swift
Gray-rumped Swift
White-tipped Sicklebill
Green Hermit
Tawny-bellied Hermit
Green-fronted Lancebill
Wedge-billed Hummingbird
Brown Violetear
Green Violetear
Sparkling Violetear
Western Emerald
Crowned Woodnymph
Rufous-tailed Hummingbird
Andean Emerald
Speckled Hummingbird
Empress Brilliant
Green-crowned Brilliant
Fawn-breasted Brilliant
Buffy Helmetcrest
Shining Sunbeam
Bronzy Inca
Brown Inca
Collared Inca    
White-tailed Hillstar
Greenish Puffleg
Black-thighed Puffleg
Golden-breasted Puffleg
Great Sapphirewing               

Buff-tailed Coronet
Velvet-purple Coronet
Tourmaline Sunangel
Booted Racket-tail
Tyrian Metaltail  
Viridian Metaltail

Mountain Velvetbreast
Long-tailed Sylph
Violet-tailed Sylph
Long-billed Starthroat
Purple-throated Woodstar
White-bellied Woodstar
Swallow-tailed Kite
Plain-breasted Hawk
Barred Hawk
Variable Hawk
White-tailed Hawk
Black Hawk-eagle
Black-and-chestnut Eagle  
Andean Pygmy-owl

Southern Lapwing
Golden-headed Quetzal
Collared Trogon
Masked Trogon
Andean Motmot
Moustached Puffbird
Red-headed Barbet
Toucan Barbet
Southern Emerald Toucanet
Crimson-rumped Toucanet
Gray-breasted Mountain-toucan
Black-billed Mountain-toucan
Acorn Woodpecker
Grayish Piculet
Crimson-mantled Woodpecker
Golden-olive Woodpecker
Lineated Woodpecker  
Yellow-vented Woodpecker
Bar-bellied Woodpecker
Powerful Woodpecker
Golden-plumed Parakeet
Rufous-fronted Parakeet
Scarlet-fronted Parakeet
Spectacled Parrotlet
Rusty-faced Parrot
White-capped Parrot
Bronze-winged Parrot
Scaly-naped Parrot
Yellow-eared Parrot
Uniform Antshrike
Bar-crested Antshrike
Parker's Antbird
Slaty Antwren

Rufous-rumped Antwren
Yellow-breasted Antwren
Streak-headed Antbird
Spillmann's Tapaculo
Stiles' Tapaculo
Narino Tapaculo
Alto Pisones Tapaculo
Blackish  Tapaculo
Bicolored Antpitta
Brown-banded Antpitta
Chestnut-crowned Antpitta
Yellow-breasted Antpitta
Slate-crowned Antpitta
Tawny Antpitta
Stout-billed Cinclodes
Andean Tit-spinetail
Azara's Spinetail
Slaty Spinetail
Rufous Spinetail
Pale-breasted Spinetail
Red-faced Spinetail
Many-striped Canastero
Spotted Barbtail
Streaked Tuftedcheek
Buffy Tuftedcheek
Pearled Treerunner
Fulvous-dotted Treerunner
Scaly-throated Foliage-gleaner
Lineated Foliage-gleaner
Montane Foliage-gleaner
Western (Striped) Woodhaunter
Buff-fronted Foliage-gleaner
Striped Treehunter
Uniform Treehunter
Streak-capped Treehunter
Uniform Treehunter
Tyrannine Woodcreeper
Black-banded Woodcreeper 
Strong-billed Woodcreeper
Spotted Woodcreeper
Olive-backed Woodcreeper
Streak-headed Woodcreeper
Cocoa Woodcreeper
Montane Woodcreeper
Ashy-headed Tyrannulet
Plumbeous-crowned Tyrannulet
White-banded Tyrannulet
White-tailed Tyrannulet
Torrent Tyrannulet
Streak-necked Flycatcher
Olive-striped Flycatcher
Marble-faced Bristle-tyrant
Variegated Bristle-tyrant
Rufous-breasted Flycatcher

Ornate Flycatcher
Rufous-headed Pygmy-tyrant
Bronze-olive Pygmy-tyrant
Scale-crested Pygmy-tyrant
Golden-faced Tyrannulet
Rufous-crowned Tody-flycatcher
Common Tody-flycatcher
Fulvous-breasted Flatbill
Pacific Flatbill
Handsome Flycatcher
Cinnamon Flycatcher
Smoke-colored Pewee
Brown-backed Chat-tyrant
Rufous-breasted Chat-tyrant
Slaty-backed Chat-tyrant
Yellow-bellied Chat-tyrant
Smoky Bush-tyrant
Streak-throated Bush-tyrant
Pale-edged Flycatcher
Rusty-margined Flycatcher
Golden-crowned Flycatcher
White-winged Becard
Barred Becard
Red-crested Cotinga
Green-and-black Fruiteater
Orange-breasted Fruiteater
Olivaceous Piha
Dusky Piha
Andean Cock-of-the-Rock
Golden-winged Manakin
Club-winged Manakin
Black-collared Jay
Beautiful Jay
Inca Jay
Black-billed Peppershrike
Brown-capped Vireo
Choco Vireo
Rufous-naped Greenlet
Andean Solitaire
Orange-billed Nightingale-Thrush
Glossy-black Thrush
Great Thrush
Black-billed Thrush
White-capped Dipper
Gray-breasted Martin
Brown-bellied Swallow
Blue-and-white Swallow
White-thighed Swallow
White-headed Wren
Rufous Wren
Whiskered Wren
Antioquia Wren
Sooty-headed Wren
Bay Wren
Mountain Wren
Gray-breasted Wood-wren
Sharpe's (Sepia-brown) Wren

Chestnut-breasted Wren
Tropical Gnatcatcher
Rufous-crested Tanager
Guira Tanager  
Purplish-mantled Tanager
Black-and-gold Tanager
Gold-ringed Tanager

Fawn-breasted Tanager
Glistening-green Tanager
Multicolored Tanager
Rufous-throated Tanager
Golden Tanager
Emerald Tanager
Silver-throated Tanager
Scrub Tanager
Golden-hooded Tanager
Saffron-crowned Tanager
Beryl-spangled Tanager
Blue-and-black Tanager
Golden-naped Tanager
Metallic-green Tanager
Black-capped Tanager
Blue-necked Tanager
Golden-hooded Tanager
Bay-headed Tanager
Scarlet-bellied Mountain-tanager
Lacrimose Mountain-tanager
Blue-winged Mountain-tanager
Black-chinned Mountain-tanager
Hooded Mountain-tanager
Buff-breasted Mountain-tanager
Grass-green Tanager
Blue-gray Tanager
Palm Tanager
Blue-capped Tanager
Flame-rumped Tanager
White-lined Tanager
Green Honeycreeper
Blue Dacnis
Blue-backed Conebill
Capped Conebill
Giant Conebill
Bluish Flowerpiercer
Masked Flowerpiercer
Black Flowerpiercer
White-sided Flowerpiercer
Indigo Flowerpiercer
Black-capped Hemispingus
Black-eared Hemispingus
Black-headed Hemispingus
Oleaginous Hemispingus
Superciliaried Hemispingus
Masked Saltator
Black-winged Saltator
Blue-black Grassquit
Variable Seedeater
Yellow-bellied Seedeater
Páramo Seedeater
Plain-brown Seedeater
Plumbeous Sierra-finch
Tanager Finch
Crested Ant-tanager
Russet-crowned Warbler
Buff-rumped Warbler
Three-striped Warbler
Tropical Parula
Slate-throated Whitestart
Golden-fronted Whitestart    
Pale-naped Brushfinch
Slaty Brushfinch
Chestnut-capped Brushfinch
Gray-crowned Brushfinch
Tricolored Brushfinch
Rufous-collared Sparrow
Common Chlorospingus

Ashy-throated Chlorospingus

Dusky Chlorospingus

Yellow-throated Chlorospingus
Gray-hooded Chlorospingus
Russet-backed Oropendola  
Northern Mountain Cacique
Yellow-backed Oriole

Lesser Goldfinch
Andean Siskin
Yellow-bellied Siskin
Thick-billed Euphonia
Golden-rumped Euphonia
Orange-bellied Euphonia     
Yellow-collared Chlorophonia
Chestnut-breasted Chlorophonia



Last updated: November 17, 2017.