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These gorgeous photos from the Manaus area were taken my good friends and frequent travel companions, Jerry Johnson (JJ) and Misty Vaughn (MV).  They are a small sample of the wonders that await you in this spectacular part of Amazonia.

Orange-fronted Yellow-Finch (JJ)  

Black-necked Aracari (JJ)  

Yellow-chinned Spinetail (JJ)

Pachira aquatica (JJ)  

Gilded Barbet (JJ)  

Dragonfly (JJ)  

Guianan Trogon (JJ)

Processionary Moth Caterpillars (JJ)  

Green Aracari (JJ)  

Brown Capuchin Monkey (JJ)

Crimson-crested Woodpecker (JJ)  

Black-collared Hawk (JJ)

Grasshopper (JJ)  

Black-fronted Nunbird (JJ)

Golden-green Woodpecker (JJ)  

Red-breasted Blackbird (JJ)

Black Caiman (JJ)

Agami Heron (JJ)  

Black Nunbird (JJ)

Bridled Forest Gecko - Gonatodes humeralis (JJ)  

Yellow-hooded Blackbird (JJ)

Yellow-billed Tern (JJ)  

Lined Seedeater (JJ)

Festive Parrot (JJ)  

White-throated Toucan (JJ)  

Yellow-browed Sparrow (JJ)  

Greater Ani (JJ)


Last updated: September 06, 2017.